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August, Dongguan shoe export volume and price down. According to Whampoa?? customs yesterday released the August Dongguan shoes export data, export 32 million 360 thousand pairs of shoes in Dongguan last month, down 21.8% compared with the same period last year, compared with the previous month fell 22.2%, the average export price were also decreased. data show that Dongguan is currently the world's largest footwear production base, has more than 1500 shoe enterprises, supporting enterprises more than 2000, related traders and buyers, such as more than 1500. export average price of $5.8 / double according to customs statistics, 1~8 months this year, Dongguan exported 320 million pairs of shoes, down 17.4%; exports valued at 1 billion 570 million U. s.dollars, down 11.3%. The average price of shoes exported was $4.9 per pair, up 7.4%. however, in August that month's export situation has appeared the price and price drop phenomenon; that month's shoe export price for each pair of 5.8 US dollars, compared to the same period although slightly increased 5.6%, the chain actually dropped 3.4%. W jordans on sale online hampoa?? customs data, Dongguan shoe exports are still based on the processing trade, 1~8 months of this year in the city by way of processing trade export 310 million pairs of shoes, Dongguan shoes export accounted for 97.1% of the total, down 17.9%. While general trade exports, although not the main mode of export, but in the export volume but contrarian growth, the same period exports 9 million 252 thousand pairs, an increase of 7.3%. exports to the United States accounted for more than 60% according to statistics, the United States as the main object of Dongguan shoe exports, 1~8 months this year, Dongguan exported 220 million pairs of shoes to the United States, accounting for 66.9% of total exports of shoes in Dongguan during the same period, a year-on-year decline of 17.6%. Over the same period, exports of 32 million 780 thousand pairs of European Union, the decline expanded to 21.2%. exports of smaller export targets for Japan and China's Hongkong, respectively, exports 26 million 750 thousand pairs, 17 million 680 thousand pairs, respectively, down 4% and 13.7% respectively. in terms of enter Retro jordans for sale prise exports, foreign-invested enterprises accounted for more than 60% of exports, state-owned enterprises export fell significantly. This year 1~8 month of foreign invested enterprises in Dongguan exported 210 million pairs of shoes, Dongguan shoes export accounted for 64.8% of the total, down 14.5% over the same period; state-owned enterprises exported 66 million 490 thousand pairs, down 25.5%, accounting for 20.7%; private enterprises exported 44 million 220 thousand pairs, down 12.)Identification: @ @Bxiaodi@ in black, @tony and so on ammonium static GodIn order to better identify @ elf size guideadidas Originals super popular NMD Series in June will launch NMD, R1 and NMD R2 PK new color system. new NMD R2 PK as the attention of the new classic design style retained R1, specifically to the outside of the shoe body minus the stable block, so that the overall shape more concise and neat, the shoe body with simple white tone with concave line texture, and heel position and a side plate into black as a decoration, equipped with Primeknit and BOOST in the bottom of knitting technology. NMD R1 girls exclusive series use cheap air jordans s breathable fabric to make comfortable, breathable and lightweight uppers, pure white shoes with light pink midsole, stable blocks, and extra girl style. Adidas Originals NMD 2017 spring summer series will be officially landing in June 10th adidas online shops and designated stores. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! have you ever thought of an automatic shoe with uppers? For example: from Russia's industrial designer Ilyas Darakchiev, combined with the nepenthes bionic concept to design a concept can automatically retractable upper shoes. And produced an experimental version of the physical demonstration, feet into the shoes, uppers will automatically fit around the ankle. The design will look like this: is so fierce. It's so creative that you can't live without it! APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification ser jordans on sale mens vices, you experience!Does remember this new adidas EQT 93/17 Boost new blue and white color matching? This ushered in more physical details of recent pictures, refreshing temperament, believe that can attract a lot of attention. shoes with white as the main color, and outline the unique lines in Primeknit material, also looks very breathable, followed by blue decoration, finally equipped with white Boost soles, fresh and natural, the vitality of all-match. It is expected that this color matching will be on sale in September, and please continue to pay attention to interested friends. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! in addition to bring WTAPS x Vans Vault OG Chukka for this season in a joint Boot LX shoes are laid, we also bring a pair of OG Authentic LX shoes perusing pictures, so that we can from the more detail angle to appreciate this pair of shoes. Authentic shoe brand Vans is the first pair of shoes, then on the basis of Tony, Alva and St jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black acy? Peralta two legendary skaters will improve it, plus a circle in the shoe sponge, Era shoe was born. is a set of detailed pictures used on OG? Authentic LX black color shoes photography, photographers are more creative the ammunition boxes, shoes and military style flares and other props with. This pair of Authentic shoes also highlights a lot, it is not like the other two pairs of shoes used jointly suede material, and thus become the lowest among the joint pricing of a pair of black body, the rear, the canvas embroidery WTAPS "Crossbones" cross head pattern, embroidery workmanship, concave convex has caused a stereo feeling. Use the WTAPS side label text replacement, bottom wrapping Vans shoes because the work reason is usually divided into three layers, the WTAPS will select all parts of waterline dyed black highlights depth. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (44) share to micro-blogPoler x Nike Vapen Premium joint ski boots are now on sale at 2013-12-09 00:01:49 's Oregon outdoor brand, Poler, recently teamed up with Nike Snowboarding launched cheap foamposites a joint ski boot based on Nike Vapen Premium Nike. Toe dark brown, printed with the Poler logo, highlighting joint shoes special status. The shoes are made of olive green high quality leather, and the double seam sewing thread is very solid, and the function is trustworthy. Use the tongue dark camouflage pattern and decorated with "Poler" embroidered logo, filling very full, warm and comfortable. The joint ski boots are now on the market, priced at $240. Get ready for the ski season. Nike Air Foamposite One new color exposure 2013-12-08 23:44:39 Nike Air Foamposite One now seems to have become a perfect canvas for Nike designers. After the great thermal camouflage, the designer injected animal pattern elements into Nike Air Foamposite One. Recently, a silver shoe outsole with fluorescent yellow Air Foamposite One exposure on the network, under scrutiny, but also with a similar upper tiger pattern, with the information currently do not have this shoe, interested friends please pay close attention to.from health monitoring research and development to the depth of positioning navigation function integration, the p buy cheap jordans online ast vendors increasingly saturated smart wearable market this year with precise customer positioning, in the consumer market, and take a pool. Entered in June, the major brands have launched a variety of telephone watches, positioning shoes, focusing on children's safety issues. yesterday, the reporter visited many stores in the city, found that Yichang mothers are also using a consumption order to join the "safe" battle". "My family Wen Wen is now 5 years old, every time to bring to Yiling square play, she is running in front, grandpa in the back desperately chasing, for fear of a turn around, the child disappeared."." Ms. Wang, who lives on Dongshan Avenue, ordered a telephone watch in the Beishan supermarket two days ago. She said, now the summer vacation, the child's security problem is the heart of the house big suffering. this watch can be APP software will parents mobile phone and watch binding, convenient for adults to see the child's geographical position at any time. Let the parents flocked to buy this phone watch also has somatosensory response, a key call for help, refused to unfamiliar calls, classes banned an Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale d many other functions. Many parents said that this real-time interactive contact design, for often shuttle on the crowded road children, undoubtedly a layer of security. together to children's shoes market positioning, although in the city most of the mall is not set up, but by the Jingdong, Taobao brand, website and other online channels, Yichang mothers for their success or cabinet add a pair of safety shoes "". Another MS Cheng told reporters that the children watch can be seen in the supermarkets, but only from the safety point of view, she is more willing to choose the safety shoes, because the watch with hand in hand too obvious, criminals see the first time will take the watch lost, positioning function is the basic display, half a year ago by a friend to the children bought a positioning watches, more than a month after the children do not want to take, so she will buy a pair of selected positioning function of shoes will be more practical. on the same day of angelababy wedding, in October 8th, Shenzhen City Star and electronic launched the Abe children's bodyguard intelligent safety shoes. In addition to the four p air jordan 11 space jam for sale osition, the basic pedometer function, have wireless charging system and Samsung S6 mobile phone, the first lifelong free smart shoes, and WeChat similar "shake" emergency alarm. Several highlights make us look forward to, I do not know the actual experience has not written so well, it is understood that this shoe will soon be landed Jingdong crowd raised, then you can explore it. Reporters learned that Shenzhen City Star and electronic deep in the field of Internet of things applications, with hardware R & D and cloud platform R & D capabilities. Its development of vehicle networking service platform currently customers all over the world, the number of online more than 500 thousand. In the rise of children's wear products, the stars and found a new direction of development, children networking. When Ms. and Ms. Zheng talked about the issue of buying smart shoes, Ms. Zheng said she was worried about the size of the radiation. Hope to buy two good quality points ??????chrome hearts t shirt sizing estimation day fashion accessories jewelry cheap online jewelry stores rings silver bands hearts t shirt sizing estimation day jordan 3 katrina 2018 fashi" /〉 free outlet price free run plus black leather handbag sale golf shoes run small chrome hearts bracelet usaa federal savings balenciaga review free shop online usa jersey world cup away chrome hearts t shirt sizing estimation day fashion accessories jewelry Shanghai, China (August 4, 2012) - Original Extreme sports shoes and apparel brand vans are pleased to announce the successful start organizing a series of activities in different cities around the world through music, art and Vans 2012 presents a new fall show this summer through which the activities in support of Vans advocated self-creative personality show. Classic Shanghai, the classic Vans activity is this Classic & amp; a series of activities in mainland China the only sub-stations, activities on August 3 in Shanghai Mao Livehouse combine classic Shanghai cultural success, nearly 600 people came to the scene to participate in activities. Local indie band Duck Fight Goose and Battle CATtle skateboarding and punk bands from Beijing, Larry's Pizza in the center of the stage as we offer a wonderful performance, and finally China DMC champion DJ HBD activity of music will draw on the successful close. The artist Nini Sum and Gergor Koerting based event from Shanghai Idle's beats are specially made screen printing canvas by everyone's favorite, Shanghai's young designers Elephant Elephant, Momo Shou, Ting and Tyakasha child cloud in the field of hand-painted custom The Slip-on shoes caused queuing for free to receive queue. Nail region attracted to the scene of the girls have put Minx specially crafted Vans classic pattern nail stickers. In addition to presenting the art of combining music, Classic & amp; Shanghai event will also Shanghai's classical art forms - paper cutting and plastic arts brought us maltose, Shanghai traditional snacks offered on-site let us food for thought . From July 7 in Los Angeles Classic & amp; activity, the global 11 countries will be launched this series of urban activities, the Asia-Pacific region will be from July to September in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Melbourne, Singapore and other cities held Classic & amp; series of activities. Special thanks orchestra musicians and artists who participate in this event, as well as thank the Special sponsorship of Tiger beer. Event Photos photography: Benoit Florencon Who:. Shanghai local like creativity and self-expression, like classical culture. What: Vans Classic & amp; Shanghai activities through music, art to show the Vans lifestyle advocated self-expression and creativity. When: 2012 ?? 8 ?? Friday 3 June 8:00 PM-12:00AM Where: Shanghai Mao Livehouse Shanghai, Chongqing South Road, No. 308, near Jianguo Road & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Sports players Adidas Olympic Edition multicolored sneakers 2008-04-29 17:17:31 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: China Leather Online] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; back to 86 years, this is basketball veteran ? Patrick Ewing (PatrickE wing) signature shoes, these shoes official name is: adidas Ewing Conductor, adidas Ewing Rivalry is an enhanced version of shoes. However, since 1989 ? Patrick Ewing longer and Adidas cooperation, his name and it is not allowed to be adidas logo on the tongue. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; year "adidas Conductor" shoes there are many colors type models, but now, adidas produced the new shoes "adidas Conductor High Olympics", but only in black, special is: the Olympic rings bright colors symbolize five bars. In addition, with a white edge lining, it symbolizes the color of the stadium carrying the colorful background. More specifically: on the tongue as well as Adidas Logo deformed golden torch out of it! Really beautiful! Related newsReebok Pump Paydirt Mid two new color matching listed 2013-12-08 23:49:09Paydirt Pump Reebok football shoes classic to the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49 man squad for the inspiration brought two new color. The Seattle Seahawks version with navy blue color collocation, fluorescent green and gray details, low-key yet attractive at first glance details. San Francisco 49 people's version uses the tyrant gold and red details collocation, gorgeous. Although this shoe style is not well known, it is a chance to lead the fashion. These two shoes have entered some retail stores in the United States, the price is $125, conditional friends can pay attention to.