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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in April 2008, the Nike company to "unfair competition" as an excuse, the three Adidas and Zheng together to court. 2005 ?? 3 9, along with Shandong Luneng in the AFC Champions League victory against Japan and remains in the memory of fans. On this day, just joined Luneng Zheng soon wore off his almost two years of Nike, put on a new pair of Adidas sneakers. The side of the shoe, is one of three eye-catching slashes. This is a dangerous Signals - July 1, 2003, the Nike brand in China in order to improve the market share of visibility, and Zheng signed a "contract players", "Nike standard contract terms" such as "sponsorship contract ", valid until December 31, 2007. In addition to the contract requirements Zheng Chinese national team's activities, when participating in sports or sports-related activities, shall not wear or use other companies of similar products, but also can not speak for other similar companies. Simply put, in addition to the first line of the national team, Zheng Zhi also intends to yourself if repairing other sports, then you can only enter the Nike store. On the contrary, i jordans on sale online t was regarded as breach of contract. While Zheng Zhi this sudden "change shoes", it is the touch of the most dangerous minefields. May 2006, Nike "unfair competition" as an excuse to Adidas sued the court, the two largest sporting goods suppliers "Meet" Beijing Chaoyang District People's Court. But coincides with the World Cup just around the corner, this lawsuit does not lead to the expected sensation. Shortly after, Nike initiative to withdraw because of insufficient evidence, the matter dropped. Two years later, human relations Zheng had Charlton moved to Britain, but were being pressed in the bottom of the case has again been turned out of the sun. April 2008, the German Adidas, Nike, Adidas (China), Adidas (Suzhou) Company and Zheng together to court, to stop the infringement and compensation for economic losses 8,000,000 yuan. Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court formally accepted it from commercial litigation, and in April 15 the case was the first trial. The court itself is not complicated, the focus of Nike, Adidas and Zheng focused on tripartite contradiction March 18, 2005, issued by Zheng terminate a br cheap air jordans oker to Nike "sponsorship contract" written notice. In an interview, communications director of Nike China, Zhu nearly Qian said the Adidas company to compete for the market, starting from August 2004 with Zheng Zhi discuss sponsorship contract matters, causing the latter in August 2004 to amend the contract Terms, request for additional remuneration. After Nike was rejected, Zheng Zhi to Nike sponsorship contract termination letter issued, but this was not accepted by written notification Nike. Therefore, in the legal, Zheng Zhi is still the spokesman for Nike, but in 2005-2006 many wearing Adidas products between public participate in training, competition and business advocacy, a serious violation of the economic interests of Nike. For such allegations, Zheng attorney countered that, Zheng Zhi with Nike contract valid until the end of 2007, but from the second half of 2004, Nike will stop paying compensation under the contract to Zheng, it can be as default first. Therefore, Zheng was in the form of a written notice of proposed termination unilaterally. While this notice in writing, it will herald the end of the bilater buy cheap jordans online al cooperation. "This is a dispute between Zheng and Nike, and why we have become the accused?" On the court, Adidas lawyers involved in the same dispute on their own that they can not understand. Adidas (China) is the agent of the company, said the company was in August 11, 2005 was established, while Zheng Zhi is in the same year in March had been interrupted contract with Nike, how they may be involved in this? "that we can lure Zheng Zhi, but please come up with evidence!" Adidas's attorney ??3?? confident to win this case, "in 2006, Nike had also instituted proceedings, but eventually the initiative to withdraw." When a reporter called Zheng's phone on the matter, where he just lost Chongchao Charlton theoretical possibility. Turning to this pile protracted infringement lawsuit, Zheng sound tired. "Since the lawsuit non-playing is not, nor is it a way to hide, take things one step now. I have a lawyer handle it, there are problems directly to him." Finally, he sighed deeply.5cm x N.HOOLYWOOD COMPILE 2012 autumn winter joint series 2013-12-08 22:30:37 this season 5cm again to find international fashion brand joint co cheap foamposites operation, and the cooperation unit is already entered the New York fashion show Japanese fashion brand N.HOOLYWOOD. As everyone knows, 5cm has always been to the rock of N.HOOLYWOOD is the traditional American style, although the two brands of different styles, but also have to dress for the concept of vice line series, so both have consensus respectively with 5cm Tailor Line and N.HOOLYWOOD COMPILE as a cooperative object, make the joint cooperation become more equal. 5cm x N.HOOLYWOOD series will arrive at 5cm store in September 15th Shanghai adidas Ultra Boost new double color now sold 2016-02-18 13:50:58 adidas Ultra Boost won the 2015 best seller shoes crown, a time to become the leading shoe ring. Adidas is also happy to introduce more color to meet the needs of the market, hoping to continue such a good situation. Today, the two new colors of the shoes have landed in some shops for sale, respectively, with gray and black rendering uppers, so that it still maintained a good flavor of the tide, the price of $180, interested friends can go to the store to see it. recently, a lot of news about Stan Smith, Pharrell x Retro jordans for sale adidas Originals before Tennis Hu, the Adidas Originals Stan Smith double "Multicolor" color is also wonderful, breathable mesh hides the color texture, collocation "white tail", simple and clear. At present, the shoes can already be purchased at , Adidas Originals designated shop, as soon as possible. 's "Shandong days", Rihanna's accession, so that the influence of Puma gradually improved. The collaboration between Puma and Fenty is very popular with female consumers. At present, the two sides once again teamed up with Puma, the classic type of shoes R698 is modeled, with exaggerated silk woven into a bow, very pretty pink. And both sides have launched "plush" slippers can be called the hearts of the people. The two sides replaced the traditional design with a bow tie again. This section is now in the making of the shop.0.jpg (557.49 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-1-14 upload at 14:52 Test time: 2008-4-27 testing location: Haidian park. in the end: Nylon shoe increase support and protection The origin of the grey color stone material Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale originally for water sports and boating and design. Mixed special materials both on land and in water have shown a perfect grip. No injection by Omni-〉A combination of NIKE FREE TR 5 "Week Zero" this brings a variety of colors, Nike launched by college football fans, August 12th has been on the shelves at Nike retailers, love friends not to miss. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: Champsthis is almost the perfect carbon fiber wheel in our minds, but there's still a little regret. "a pair of dream wheel products - rigid, lightweight, braking in dry and wet state, but it's too expensive" highlights: lightweight, rigid, wide circle design, both aerodynamic and stability; dry and rain brake performance good; 25mm tyre optimization design disadvantages: high prices, titanium alloy quick dismant air jordan 11 space jam for sale ling rod is easy to damage; built-in gas nozzle may become the trouble fit people: want a pair of perfect carbon fiber wheel group and purse tight ENVE the use of new and different ring scheme to complete the transformation of secondary frame group SES 3.4 speed under the flag of new brake ring can be in dry or keep a good state of braking damp environment, brake block drum, but also many kinds of collocation and fetal. after we tested the SES 3.4 round in Colorado, Arizona, and the UK, we can say that we've fallen in love with this product, even though it's expensive, and it's not very satisfying. in the process of riding, the wheel group brings the feeling is light and lively. The braking system is very good, and it looks like this on wheels without fear of harassment by the wind. is a more wide rim (medial 21mm, lateral 29mm), brought a better aerodynamic effect, especially when 25mm tire collocation;Highlight characteristics of ENVE SES 3.4 l compatible tubeless system l implantable brake ring l 21mm 25mm tire rim width optimization design l front wheel ring: 38mm*29.75mm; rear wheel ring: 42mm* jordans on sale mens 29mm l three ENVE, DT drum optional: Swiss 240, Chris King R45 (version for testing) l optional Version (version of the test version of the caliper disc brake caliper), version, version and disc brake tube tube tire, tire version l group 1271g (ENVE weight from the wheel drum, tube tire) to 1441g (Chris King brake drum, ) l Chris King is a beta version of the caliper collocation R45 drum, the weight of 1416g When shook the car, the wheel group gave us a feeling of lightness and feedback enough riding feeling; ??????running clothes uk Short Layered Bob Hairstyles http glamorous hairstyles com 30 trendy short layered hairstyles html shoe clearance sale in india The Worst Of Wal Mart 25 Pics clothes uk Short Layered Bob Hairstyles http &nb" /〉 air max metallic red bronze Lola and Bugs Bunny Space Jam DIY Wanna play a little one on one Halloween costume What 39 s up Doc Couples Costume woolrich blizzard Turn a shower curtain into fabulous large wall art This is such an awesome idea 6th Street Design School running clothes uk Short Layered Bob Hairstyles http glamorous hairstyles com 30 trendy short lay jordan 3 katrina 2018 ered hairstyles html Adidas Consortium UltraBOOST Mid "Run Thru Time" 2017-03-14 11:21:59 spy outflow believe that the door is ready in April will come from YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 white color, but no resistance the sneaker news in the dust, overwhelmed by the God YEEZY broke MAFIA to burst, recently, his Instagram has pioneered the Adidas Consortium series of spoilers will bring a double named "Run Thru Time" Ultraboost, which has just released more about real photos, this is the location of a double cylinder extends to the UltraBOOST Mid, and KITH by the earlier appearance of similar, but this was changed to blue vamp woven, and the release of the shop will be landing in July, although it is not a unit of cooperation and confirm, but look at the unusual color to love. adidas Originals Stretford "Manchester United" note is now on sale at 2015-10-21 11:16:44 adidas has become the new sponsor of Manchester United this year, and they also take advantage of this opportunity to dig deeply into the culture of the team. The day before they's classic shoes Stretford modeled, launched a pair of United don't note version of shoes. The jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black inspiration from Manchester United won the first Champions League wearing jerseys, black suede shoes, with three stripes of blue and gold details, highlighting the shoe texture and vitality, and then with the "little devil Fred" is the theme of the perfect show. It is reported that the shoes will be limited to 1200 pairs, is now landing SIZE? The shop sells for 75 pounds. Nike Basketball and Kyrie Irving recently for his alma mater Duke University players bring a carefully crafted Kyrie 2 Duke version of PE boots. This shoe body is composed of Hyperfuse lightweight breathable material, supplemented by the black as the main color outside the bottom vamp, from blue and white collocation, followed by the selection of embroidered with huge DUKE words track4. black-nike-kyrie-2-duke-1.jpg (397.04 KB, download number: 6) download Nike Kyrie 2 Duke PE 2016-2-29 09:17 upload black-nike-kyrie-2-duke.jpg (484.26 KB, download number: 6) download Nike Kyrie 2 Duke PE 2016-2-29 09:18 upload black-nike-kyrie-2-duke-3.jpg (618.06 KB, download number: 4) download Nike Kyrie 2 Duke PE 2016-2-29 09:18 upload black-nike-kyrie-2-duke-2.jpg (836.71 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Kyrie 2 Duke PE 2016-2-29 09:17 upload graphics card, basketball, Duke University, heel, classic 00 : . "If we press the new law, we'll have to close the door.". as far as I know, most small factories do not do so and are still waiting. "Confrontation has become a helpless choice" "the current situation is that most companies are still confrontation and wait-and-see."." , who has been engaged in foreign trade in the Pearl River Delta for nearly 20 years, Zhao Xinchun, opened his heart to reporters and revealed the facts he had mastered. Zhao said that with respect to business failures retreat years ago, the Pearl River Delta the number of huge manufacturing groups according to most of the soldiers did not move, "secretly confrontation, the wind blows". years ago, a county leader of Zhao Xinchun's hometown came to Guangdong to attract investment, hoping he moved the factory to his hometown and promised a great deal of preferential conditions, but Zhao declined. Zhao said, "it is not willing to contribute to the hometown, but can not go back to develop," I want to find a screw, but also have to go to Guangdong to order, packaging, logistics are not convenient." "and I've been here for years, my career is here, and I have feelings for this land."." to the implementation of the labor contract law, Zhao Xinchun chose silence. If we press the new law, we'll have to close the door. As far as I know, most small factories have failed to do so and are still waiting." of course, Zhao is not completely indifferent to the labor contract law. Before New Year's day, he convened management meetings several times, requiring sensitive times to treat employees as user-friendly as possible, and must not allow employees to complain or make trouble. to appease employees, Zhao also invested in the renovation of staff quarters, canteen meals have also been improved. "for enterprises, the cost of illegal is far greater than the cost of law enforcement.". There are workers complaints, can not turn the sky. I illegal costs, check once a year, fined ten thousand yuan, the new law, the workers often work overtime, a year to come and go 100 people, must be more than 1 million." Zhao Xinchun and even some categories, many in recent years together with his peer competition, "the appreciation of the renminbi down a number of raw materials soared off a number of the implementation of the new law, but also a large number of dead," a few competitors. , so many manufacturing industries in the Pearl River Delta will certainly not die. Who can last, who can wait for the opportunity. For example, what will these workers do when so many enterprises fail? Will the unemployment rate surge? Don't look now difficult to hire, until next year, the year after, maybe wage costs will go down, and some people asked to give friends and relatives to find work, but when the government ordered again, you must complete this factory, the employment index number of how many people this year!" Zhao Ye admits, the Pearl River Delta industrial transfer and upgrade of the policy is certainly right. The manufacturing industry is the "flying geese enterprise", will migrate to places where labor costs are low, once the United States, Japan, "East Asian Tigers" are so over the Pearl River Delta, now follow the same rules here, rising costs, it is bound to)